My first time

I’ve never written a blog post before. For many people blogging is old hat but not so for me which, if you know me personally may seem strange, since I am an extremely opinionated person. Well, there comes a time in every girl’s life…ahem. I digress, and undoubtedly will quite often, so be prepared. Its time. I find myself in a most interesting place in life, a place where anything is possible but nothing is easy and I see many others in the same position, so I decided to begin a conversation. I am owner or part owner of 2 businesses, I live in a community that is, so far, holding on to jobs and homes but has no real identity and I live in an area that has a huge amount of social, fiscal and cultural potential but has yet, in the 12 years that I have lived here, to truly tap it. So, I want to do something. Even if all i do is make a few people a bit more aware of the possibilities, I’m gonna do something. What do you do?